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A Note from the President

15 Mar 2018 10:22 AM | Tom Conway (Administrator)

From the President…

March is here and hopefully along with it springtime and sunshine! After being snowed out in February it was a truly exciting and energetic member meeting this past Friday with an outstanding presentation by Gita Mahabir at Mahabir Wellness. It was a fantastic example of a sponsor sharing though visual presentation, handouts, products to see and touch, and review…all the ways to refer to her and do business with her company.

Along with that, we had a great time learning about what is going on in the Meridian Area from a development standpoint with info provided by Chris Buck, Meridian Twp. Economic Development Director as well as Captain Greg Frenger from Meridian Township police on some of the things the police department has been dealing with. We had over 10 first time guests and the goal was shared that the Board has a goal for members to help grow MABA to 135 Members by years end. A very attainable goal I feel one that could be accomplished and perhaps exceeded sooner than later…the sky is the limit! But we need all members to get involved and be engaged in talking about MABA and inviting, inviting and more inviting guests to MABA events and activities this year. Hope to see you and a guest on March 27th at Henry’s place for our MABA Social! We handed out the Contact/Invite Cards at the meeting and have plenty more of them to provide you to hand out to a business professional who is looking for our group here in the Meridian Area.

Also, I encourage you to use as your go-to source for info, engage and write on MABA Chat, write up your Testimonial for another MABA member, and put your own business Promotion on the webpage. At the meeting, Rememberà put your info/promotion on the MABA member table. Help explain to new members and those who are learning about the value that MABA brings…a place to build relationships that enable business to be done and testimonials to be shared for the process to repeat over and over again. During our Table Talk time, we spent time coming up with a MABA 30 second commercial. Your MABA board will be reviewing and going over them to see how to best use them in the future. There were a few of them that we thought really got to the heart of what MABA is all about…

  • MABA Is: Developing quality relationships with local professionals while building up the greater Meridian community. We focus on doing business with each other. We make it easy with once a month meetings and low cost, that makes the value unbelievable. Come check it out!
  • MABA is a place to make connections, meet new people, market your business and get expertise on what you need for your business.
  • Are you tired of going to other meetings where you just sit and listen? Let me tell you about a group that doesn’t do it that way! MABA is Meridian areas premier networking group! Grow your business through monthly interactive meetings. Get to know other local business and feel more comfortable giving and getting referrals!
  • MABA Serves as a real-world LinkedIn – helping you develop a human network of 2nd and 3rd level of direct referral sources. Save yourself the search and get linked in at MABA!
  • MABA Provides you with the opportunity to build your business resources. It encourages you to grow your network by connecting with your community resource pool by being in the know through testimonials shared and a comfortable setting to do business with a member.

We encourage your involvement and feedback. If you have another version you would like to share or expand on, please visit MABA Chat on the website and share that with the board so we can continue to unpack and promote these many great reasons why MABA is indeed the premier networking group to belong to. Don’t miss out, stay involved and invite other professionals to what MABA has to offer. What a great deal for everyone! 

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