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  • 17 Feb 2016 8:34 AM | Deleted user

    If you would like to have an additional entry into the 50/50 drawing at the March meeting, just find the red 50/50 ticket that is on the MABA website and print a screenshot of it.  Make sure that your profile is updated along with a picture, and you will receive an extra entry into the drawing! It is that simple. 

    This is a fun way to make sure that you have updated your profile and to get the most out of your MABA membership.  The website directory is a great way for people to find your business when wanting to do business in the Greater Meridian Township Area!

  • 12 Feb 2016 1:39 PM | Deleted user

    As I start my term as the new President for MABA, I want to thank Lisa Schroeder for the great leadership that she provided in 2015.  There were many challenges that she had to navigate through and the organization is stronger because of her efforts.  I hope to provide the same energy and focus that Lisa did. 


    I also want to thank the board members that I served with last year.  We accomplished so many things to move the organization forward and to ensure that it continues to grow. 


    Thank you to all who help with setup, help with social media, serve on committees, volunteer for events, and come to the meetings.  They say that many hands make the work light and this is so true and evident at MABA. 


    Now, as I look forward to 2016, I am excited with all of the plans, energy, and ideas that are being generated.  I am excited to start implementing some of the ideas that you provided in the strategic planning surveys that went out in December.  These ideas will impact MABA in many ways and will define the organization and what its mission is for many years to come.  


    Tom Conway

  • 01 Feb 2016 11:55 AM | Deleted user

    The MABA Board has been working on strategic planning with Ngage for the last couple of months.  Through this process, we have discovered and identified areas where we can improve the association as a whole.  In the next few months, we will be introducing many of the initiatives that came out of these planning sessions and look to you to provide help where you can to make MABA even stronger. 

    Thank you,

    Tom Conway, President

  • 31 Jan 2016 10:11 PM | Deleted user

    Wow...I can’t believe it, the year is already over, it seems like just yesterday that I stepped into the president’s role here at MABA.

    If I do say so myself, this past year here at MABA has been a very challenging and rewarding year for us. We faced many challenges, the MARC, the website, personnel changes and just getting MABA on a firm foundation and ready for the future.

    The very first task was what to do with the website after it had been hacked. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The website had been a sore subject for years and we finally wanted to put this issue to rest. Working through the issues proved to be model for how we would handle the other challenges we faced in the coming year. We gathered information, searched for “best practices” and worked with the committees to find a “long lasting/forward thinking” solution. We now have a website that is not only functional for our members, it also does many automated tasks that in the past had to be handled by a board member.  The website is also supported by a national corporation, which means we are no longer tied to one individual.

    There have been so many exciting things that have happened over the past year, but the one that really stands out for me is the Joan Smith Memorial Fund. I am so impressed with how the whole MABA organization has stepped up and “supported and embraced” all the activities that took place in making the Joan Smith Memorial Fund a success.

    I would also like to take a moment and thank the entire Board for allowing me the opportunity to serve as president in 2015. It was truly a pleasure and honor to work with such a great group of people.

    In closing, I truly feel that all of the hard work and commitment to “long lasting” solutions that we undertook this year is in great hands going forward as I pass the torch to our incoming president Mr. Tom Conway. I look forward to continuing to watch our great organization grow, prosper and add value for our members.

    Thank you all,


  • 02 Dec 2015 8:24 AM | Deleted user

    I am so impressed to see so many MABA members assisting at the membership meetings. There are many ways to be active within MABA and assisting with the membership meetings is just one of the great ways you can to that.


    Deepening Relationships

    Have you ever wondered how you can get to know other MABA members at a deeper level then just exchanging a few greetings once a month at the membership meetings? Below is a great list of things you can do:

    • Volunteer to assist with the monthly membership meetings

      • Setup crew

      • Door greeters

      • Membership sign in table

      • Sell 50/50 tickets

    • Join one of the several committees:

      • Philanthropic

      • Joan Smith Memorial Scholarship

      • Membership

      • Events                 

        • Bowling

        • Golf Outing

        • Social

        • Wine Tasting

      • Communications

      • Technology

    • Volunteer to serve as a board member (MABA’s leadership team)


    Working closely with other MABA members will give you the opportunity to meet new people, share business stories and build relationships that can last a lifetime. 

    As always, we welcome new ideas for better networking at meetings. If you have a networking game, new idea or a suggestion to make networking more effective, please see me or any board member.


    Lisa Schroeder

  • 22 Oct 2015 11:14 AM | Deleted user

    As I stood in for our President Lisa Schroeder this month at the member meeting, I was impressed by the involvement of more and more members. Setup crews working on tables, greeters at the check-in tables, committee chairs with updates and much, much more. Getting involved is a great way to get the most out of your MABA membership and committees can do just that.


    If you have not noticed, over the last year, we have developed more committees in MABA. This not only helps to distribute the load of getting everything done that we want to accomplish, but it also gives members the opportunity to get involved on a deeper level. When serving on a committee, you develop a better relationship with the other members. This helps to grow your business. I don't know how many times I have referred a member of one of the committees that I have served on based on that relationship. If you would like to be more involved, please visit the website at and look at the different committees, I am sure that there will be one that will peak your interest.  Just let one of the board members or committee chairs know that you are interested!


    Thomas J. Conway

  • 13 Oct 2015 10:53 AM | Deleted user

    I would like to thank all of the volunteers and sponsors who helped to make the September MABA Member meeting a great success. It is great to see the level of participation from the group.

    The Power of Networking

    As I watched the meeting progress, I was intrigued by the amount of great networking that was happening. Not only seasoned members, but visitors and new members. Meeting new people, sharing business stories and building relationships. It is one of the simplest ways to grow your business. At MABA we have tried to incorporate more networking into each meeting because we felt that this is one of the key elements of the meeting and the thing that people looked forward to each month. We also feel that it is the one part of the meeting that adds the most value to your membership in MABA. This has always been one of the fundamental purposes of MABA, and why the motto is Do Business With a Member.

    We welcome new ideas for better networking at meetings. If you have a networking game, new idea or a suggestion to make networking more effective, please see me or any board member.


    Lisa Schroeder

  • 12 Oct 2015 4:20 PM | Deleted user

    Immediate Opening for Store Manager

    Gilbert Chocolates has an immediate opening for an experienced retail store manager at our Meridian Mall store. Duties include scheduling, training employees, enforcing policy, decorating the store and working with ownership on selling strategy. Applicants should call Brian Krichbaum at 313-310-4824 or email

  • 29 Sep 2015 10:49 AM | Deleted user

    Silent Auction

    At the October 9th meeting, we will be holding a silent auction to benefit the Joan Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund.  Joan was a staunch advocate of small business int the township and valued education. This scholarship is intended to help small business with educational expenses and help small business to grow and thrive. Please help make this event a success by bidding on items at the next meeting!

    A complete list of items of up for auction can be found at

  • 07 Aug 2015 4:17 PM | Deleted user

    The Annual MABA Golf Outing for 2015 was a great success. The weather was perfect, the networking was great and all had fun. Without all of the number in yet, we estimate that the outing raised approximately $1600 this year which will be used for the charitable grants that are awarded at the December meeting.  The grant process will begin in October, so if you know of a charity that could benefit from a grant, be ready to nominate them at the October Meeting!

    Thank you to all of the sponsors, Meridian Sun, volunteers and all of the golfers for making this event great!

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