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Who is The Meridian Area Business Association (MABA)

The Meridian Area Business Association (MABA) was founded in 1997.  MABA's founding members wanted to create a way for local business leaders to interact on a monthly basis through a monthly member meeting.  Over the years, MABA has changed meeting locations and the meeting has changed a little, but the core values of MABA have not. 

Recently through a strategic planning process that started in 2014 that mapped out new goals for MABA, the  current Board of Directors is working to fulfill that strategic plan.  Some of the events that have defined MABA throughout the years are the Monthly Member Networking Meeting, the former MABA Expo, the Annual MABA Golf Outing and many various fundraisers and networking events.  The addition of the Business Development Grant Program, the Joan Smith Memorial Scholarship Program and Philanthropic Grant Program have been a large part of this plan.  For a complete history of the organization click below.

Complete History of MABA

This short video describes the mission of MABA and the partnership with Meridian Township. 

This short video describes the philanthropic pillar of MABA.

This video is the slideshow from the 20th Anniversary Gala held at The View in December of 2017. 

With your paid membership in MABA, you also have a paid membership in SBAM. 

A local business perspective of the importance of MABA. 

Matt Sloan discusses the Meridian Area Business Association.

JD Small, The Photographer, talks about his involvement in the Meridian Area Business Association. 

Vice President (and future President) of MABA talks about the organization. 

Jessica Rollins from Sylvan Learning Center speaks about her involvement in MABA.

Thomas Hamp describes his affiliation with the Meridian Area Business Association.

Meridian Area Business Association

MABA is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization
P.O. Box 234, Okemos, MI 48805
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