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Meridian Regional Recycling Event

  • 21 Apr 2018
  • 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • 4000 Okemos Road, Okemos MI 48864

Meridian Regional Recycling Event

Spring Regional Recycling Opportunity! 
Meridian Township is hosting a Spring Recycling Event on April 21st from 0:00 am until 2:00 pm at Chippewa Middle School and wants you there with your recyclables!

Admission is free and open to all!  Some modest fees apply to paint, TVs/Monitors, and items with Freon (air conditioners, refrigerators, dehumidifiers).   


  • Electronics – TVs, VCRs, scanners, printers, radios, stereos, cameras, software, cords, more.

  • Paint, liquid or dry – Both Latex and Oil-based. Small cost per container.

  • Household Items – No ripped or stained furniture, working order only. Tools, books, knick-knacks, newer working appliances/electronics under 10 years old, clothing, shoes, fabric, yarn.

  • Egg Cartons & Clean Packing Peanuts – Put peanuts in clear bags; no other packing materials. 

  • Bikes and Bike Parts –Working and non-working bikes and bike parts are ok.

  • Metal – Large appliances, sinks, fridges, washers, A/Cs, stoves, lawn mowers, etc. (Drain oil/gas) $10 if Freon.

NOT ACCEPTING:  mattresses, medical equipment, building materials, lighting, pianos, toilets, counters, furniture needing repair.  


Recycling rewards us in many ways. Those who rid their homes, garages and basements of items they no longer use will love the extra space that opens up. And the environment gets huge paybacks whenever landfills are spared from tons of reusable waste. Residents, volunteers, and co-sponsors helped collect and recycle, re-use, and/or safely dispose of an enormous quantity of materials in 2017:

  • 111,586 lbs. electronics recycled (almost twice the amount as 2016). Meridian helped set a World Record for electronics recycled in one day (multiple locations).

  • 4557 cans of latex paint reclaimed

  • 12 cu. yards of documents shredded/recycled

  • 174 bicycles reconditioned/donated

  • 4 large trucks filled with clothing, shoes, household items re-used and recycled

  • 40 mattresses recycled

  • 60 cubic yards of metal recycled  

  • Freon reclaimed from 130 appliances

  • 250 lbs. of old medicines safely incinerated

  • 3 cu. yards of packing peanuts re-used & 800 egg cartons re-used

On Recycling Day, drivers will drop their goods off at designated stations where volunteers will help them unpack.  After unloading, cars drive out to make room for those behind them.  

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